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<b class=red>Tabletop</b> Shaker

Tabletop Shaker

JSOS-500 Orbital Shaker is heavy duty and large capacity shaker for agitating samples in a container (e.g. flasks, bottles, tubes) in ambient condition to aerating, mixing and extracting samples. Various application in chemistry, biomedical, pharmaceutical, cell culture, tissue culture, environmental and agriculture applications.

Ultra Low Temp. <b class=red>Tabletop</b> Cold Trap Bath

Ultra Low Temp. Tabletop Cold Trap Bath

In vacuum applications, JSTC-Series Tabletop Cold Trap Bath provides freezing temperature -55°C or -85°C to condensates and removes vapor or moisture being evacuated in the vacuum line to protect the vacuum pump from corrosion. The Traps may also be used in other laboratory applications such as reactor, vacuum evaporator or vacuum centrifuge.

Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Drying Oven is suitable for drying out liquids or solvents contained in a samples or materials in vacuum environment to achieve low heat of vaporization or sublimation point. Ideal for Vacuum Distillation, Vacuum Sublimation or Vacuum Drying application of material science or electronic parts and assemblies. Also suitable for drying out fine powders in vacuum environment without air convection to prevent diffusion of such samples. Drying, curing, de-gassing, aging, removing moisture or solvent from fine powder or solid material, accelerating drying time, drying temperature sensitive material, drying in anaerobic condition, remove solvent from DNA, RNA or protein, drying unidentified material characteristic.

<b class=red>Tabletop</b> Shaking Incubator

Tabletop Shaking Incubator

JSSI-070 Series Tabletop Shaking Incubator is compact to fit laboratory table and ideal for any shaking application requiring controlled temperature and shaking speed for microbiology, cell biology, cell culture, tissue culture, biochemistry, molecular biology, environmental engineering, soil testing field temperature range from + 10°C to +70°C.

<b class=red>Tabletop</b> Refrigerated Incubator

Tabletop Refrigerated Incubator

Table Top Refrigerated Incubator gives excellent incubation conditions below ambient temperature within a compact size for bacterial, fungal, cell and tissue culture incubation temperature range from +0°C to 70°C.

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See us @ Arab-Lab 2019 Stand #746

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